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As passionate coffee enthusiasts, our journey began with the delightful experience of savouring a perfectly roasted and freshly brewed cup of coffee from the esteemed Toppano family, renowned for their Oro Caffe brand. Impressed by this exceptional quality, we forged an exclusive partnership, and it is with great excitement that we now bring Oro Caffee to the Maldives, the first of many partnerships we aim to bring to the Maldives.

AGS, Atoll Gourmet Suppliers, is a subsidiary of Osmosis Asia Pvt Ltd, a reputable supplier of catering equipment, parts and services. You can find more information about Osmosis Asia on their website

At AGS, our mission is clear: to provide comprehensive gourmet solutions that encompass all the essential components and services, ensuring outstanding results. We strive to deliver convenience, impeccable service, consistent quality, and cost and time efficiencies, all meticulously tailored into one professionally wrapped package.

Meet the Team

Sherri Horton
Hector Stokes
General Manager
Aliesha Preston
Sales Manager
Eiliyah Gould
Sales Manager

Reputable supplier of catering equipment, parts & services

"For the Love of Taste"